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What is Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is a software program that makes intelligent choices based on a series of algorithms. Machine learning uses data to learn algorithms that can be used to create artificial intelligence. Deep learning is an implementation of machine learning that uses neural networks to solve specific problems such as image analysis, speech recognition, etc.

Techcyte uses several deep learning platforms to perform image analysis on digital microscopy images. For continuous improvement, Techcyte incorporates expert feedback to further refine the algorithms.

Simple, Intuitive Experience

Techcyte was built using the latest web, user-interface and machine-learning technologies to create a simple digital workflow.
Pathologists will love the simplicity of a web app combined with the power of deep learning to perform image analysis.
In the United States, Techcyte is for research use only. Usage outside the US is dependent upon
your country’s regulations.


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