Our revolutionary mold and air quality testing solution has enabled environmental laboratories to harness the power of AI in assisting their lab analyst  in making faster, more accurate, and more consistent sample reads. It has also opened the door to home inspectors, who for the first time can now offer home buyers a quick affordable mold test during their normal home inspections.

environmental cells
Challenge & Solution
environmental cells

Challenges & Solution

Mold and air particulate testing for laboratories has traditionally been fully manual, time consuming and fraught with inconsistency and inaccuracy. For economic reasons, the typical specialist can only review 20% to 30% of a sample area, because it takes so much time to analyze.

With Sporecyte’s technology, 100% of the sample is analyzed. Combining the Sporecyte AI with a human analyst’s review results in a much faster, more accurate, and more consistent result. 




Our AI-powered mold and indoor air quality solution is revolutionizing laboratory analysis. Sporecyte AI is setting a new benchmark for the analysis of airborne mold and particles, while also increasing access to reliable testing.

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