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Partnering with Labs and Clinics

Techcyte creates AI-powered digital diagnostic tests to assist labs and clinics with a more efficient diagnostic process. We’re working closely with lab professionals and pathologists to make quantum leaps in efficiency, speed and accuracy to revolutionize research, pharma and diagnostic testing.

In the United States, Techcyte is for research use only. In the EU the Techcyte Platform is CE marked under the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostics medical devices (IVDD). Usage in other countries is dependent upon ar country’s regulations. Please, contact us if you have any questions.

Techcyte Proves the Value of Digital Diagnostics

In the May issue of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Vol. 58, Issue #6, described a validation of Techcyte’s process for detecting protozoa in trichrome-stained fecal smears. The study describes using Techcyte’s AI-based digital diagnostic tools to review and screenout parasite-free smears, which would allow parasitologists to focus on confirming and characterizing protozoa that are detected—saving valuable time and effort.

This is not a pilot study, but a full validation of Techcyte’s solution, which includes accuracy, precision, and limit of detection analysis.

In the same issue, Daniel Rhoads, MD., Department of Pathology, Case Western Reserve University, wrote an editorial opinion on the study, which includes additional insights.

“Computer vision represents the next frontier in laboratory diagnostics. Computer vision in the year 2020 is analogous to PCR in the year 2000. AI in general and computer vision in specific are emerging diagnostic tools for clinical microbiology.”

“Deep learning image analysis tools, that assist the lab professional and pathologist in diagnosing disease, present a real opportunity to make a significant impact on accuracy, efficiency and costs.”

—Dr. Mohamed Salama, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Division of Hematopathology

Zoetis adds Techcyte-powered AI Blood Smear Testing to Vetscan Imagyst

As the technology engine behind the multi-use AI-driven platform, Vetscan Imagyst, Techcyte is proud to announce the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) blood smear diagnostics testing. Vetscan Imagyst is Zoetis’s deep learning SaaS platform that uses image analysis to assist veterinary clinics with an accurate and efficient blood differential. Techcyte has collaborated with Zoetis—the world’s leading animal health company—since 2019 to develop the core Vetscan Imagyst technology. “Our AI-driven technology is continuing to change the landscape of diagnostic testing in animal health,” said Ben Cahoon, Chief Executive Officer at Techcyte. “The addition of blood smear analysis now gives clinics access to critical information regarding hematology abnormalities in minutes. Difficult cases can be optionally submitted digitally to Zoetis clinical pathologists for expert review. Clinics are now able to offer a new level of care not previously achievable.” Vetscan Imagyst has been revolutionizing in-clinic veterinarian diagnostic testing since its launch in September of 2020. The deep machine learning AI used in Vetscan Imagyst can accurately and efficiently provide results within minutes. With this technology, clinics can scan in fecal or blood samples, run diagnostics, optionally submit for a remote pathologist’s review, and provide the correct treatment plan to clients, all in one [...]


Digitize samples on glass slides using any suitable microscope scanner.
Digitized slides are automatically uploaded to Techcyte, pre-classified using AI and reviewed by lab professionals and pathologists.
Pre-classifications are approved, notes added and select images included in reports.


Techcyte was created using the most advanced AI and internet technologies available.
It continuously improves, is always up-to-date and is securely available
over the web on desktop and mobile devices.

Image Analysis
Techcyte uses the latest AI technologies to analyze images for assisting diagnostic testing.

Scanner Agnostic
Labs can use a slide scanner of their choice because Techcyte can analyze any good quality image.

Flexible Workflow
Slides are auto-uploaded, pre-classified and reviewed by lab professionals and pathologists. Cases can be assigned or taken from a queue.

Any lab professional or pathologist with a browser, internet connection and the appropriate permissions can see and comment on cases.

Secure Storage
Bank level security and procedures are in place to provide secure and HIPAA-compliant digitized slide storage.

Cell counts, images and notes can be exported to a lab information system or printed as a .pdf.


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