About us

Leading the way in clinical pathology AI

We’re transforming diagnostic microscopy with powerful deep machine learning.

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Our origin story

The first step in the digital diagnostics revolution

Techcyte began with an idea for a new blood cell classification system by Dr. Mohamed Salama at the University of Utah in 2013. With Dr. Salama’s vision and a collaborative relationship with ARUP, Techcyte started transforming the way we solve problems in clinical pathology.

By combining the knowledge and skills of lab professionals and pathologists with the latest deep machine learning technologies, we equip labs with futuristic digital diagnostic solutions that can be deployed today.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the work of labs and transform healthcare worldwide

As the leading clinical pathology AI platform, we’re harnessing powerful deep machine learning to augment the work of lab professionals and expand the field of digital diagnostics.

2013 Techcyte incorporated as a technology transfer from the University of Utah. Founders Ralph Yarro and Rick Smith licensed a white-paper on white blood cell classification. Seed 1 raised, $113k.
2014 Developed a prototype for classifying white blood cells.
2015 Investigated scanner add-on to manual microscope.
2016 Seed 2 raised, $940k. Reached 5 employees. Split the company into 3 areas: Techcyte, Vetcyte and Sporecyte.
2017 Expanded to 10 employees. Seed 3 raised, $3.2m. Strategic partnership and investment from Motic.
2018 Now at 17 employees. Seed 4 raised, $3m. Awarded Luxembourg Startup of the year and received the $1m matching startup grant. Established a strategic partnership and investment with ARUP. Established a strategic partnership with Ketterthill.
2019 Techcyte & ARUP’s fecal Ova and Parasite test went into production. First profitable year, expanded to 25 employees. Launched Trichrome fecal with ARUP.
2020 Second profitable year, 27 employees. U.S. patent awarded for automatic detection of objects in microscopy slides using hidden features and auxiliary ground truth. Went remote first due to COVID-19 in March. Together with Zoetis, launched VETSCAN IMAGYST vet fecal testing. Launched Sporecyte. Partnered with reference laboratory Quest for human fecal. Received CE certification for the platform.
2021 Closed Series E Funding ($21m), launched digital cytology solution with Zoetis. Expanded to over 75 employees.
2022 Launched veterinary blood cell differentials with Zoetis and launched Sporecyte for mold labs & home inspectors.
2023 Announced strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic to develop CP tests and platform, surpassed 2 million scans on Zoetis’ Vetscan Imagyst platform, established international distribution through ESP (Expert Solution Provider) program.
2024 Announced collaboration with Mayo Clinic to create AP platform, granted worldwide distribution of cervical cancer solution to BD, surpassed 3 million scans on Zoetis’ Vetscan Imagyst platform.

Our team

Meet the faces behind the digital diagnostics revolution

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We’re seeking talented, curious people to join us

We want to maximize our influence by creating a remote-first company that enables our team members to positively impact their life, their family, their community and the world through the ethical use of artificial intelligence.

All meaningful advancements in tech and healthcare are imagined and built by smart, hard-working people. Find a home for your talent at Techcyte.