Our advanced deep-learning technologies assist microbiology labs in a multitude of industries by detecting parasites and other biological phenomena quickly and efficiently.

Bacteriology cell image
Challenge & Solution
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Challenges & Solution

Bacteriology testing has several disadvantages, including technician fatigue, difficult working conditions, and costly and time-consuming image analysis performance.

Standard protocol for bacteriology testing involves at least two screening elements. This creates bottlenecks in the lab and can be costly to process. 

Techcyte has removed the bottleneck with culture verification and cost-effective PCR screening.

By automating lab processes with AI, the time and effort it takes to perform direct examination reads is reduced dramatically.

ARUP lab


ARUP Laboratories

ARUP and Techcyte collaborated to produce the world’s first AI-augmented ova and parasite detection tool as well as an easy-to-administer SARS-CoV-2 antibody test.

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Ketterthill lab

Ketterthill Laboratoires d’Analyses Médicales 

This Luxembourg-based lab supported us in developing our bacteriology algorithm, which locates and classifies bacteriological morphotypes.

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