Techcyte is assisting the veterinary industry nationwide with the help of our exclusive partner Zoetis. Using AI, our simple digital workflow makes it easier for veterinarians to diagnose and treat pets in-clinic.

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Challenge & Solution
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Challenges & Solution

With pet ownership on the rise and numerous techs leaving the veterinary industry, remaining lab techs need time-saving assistance now more than ever.

Our AI platform runs diagnostics on a wide range of animals. For common housepets, our technology assesses fecal O&P, FNA, and blood smears.




As the world’s largest producer of veterinary medicine and vaccinations, Zoetis has partnered with Techcyte to produce Vetscan Imagyst, an all-in-one technology, delivering artificial intelligence (AI) technology plus access to expert clinical pathologists within the Zoetis network.


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The Impact of Vetscan Imagyst

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