Our AI technology uses the power of digital differentials to aid the field of hematology in determining diagnoses quickly. Our robust solution doesn’t require any proprietary hardware and is less sensitive to stain.

Challenge & Solution
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Challenge & Solution

As lab technicians battle eye strain, physical fatigue, and piled-on workloads, making their efforts are more prone to human error.

Techcyte saves laboratories time and money by assisting hematopathologists with computer-assisted blood differentials using AI. Instead of manually reviewing every slide, technicians simply review the AI-driven results to confirm findings.



Decoration Icon check Faster turnaround times
Decoration Icon check Improved accuracy with side-by-side comparison of digitized cells
Decoration Icon check Increased consistency
Decoration Icon check Less eye strain and physical fatigue
Decoration Icon check Easier classification of abnormal cells
Decoration Icon check Simpler technician training
Decoration Icon check Capability for archiving rare disorders