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Techcyte, a leading developer of AI-based image analysis solutions for the diagnostics industry, has launched Vetcyte, an AI-powered digital diagnostics platform at VMX 2019. Initially, the Vetcyte platform supports the following canine-and-feline diagnostic tests:

“The Vetcyte AI-based image analysis platform is the future of digital diagnostics in the veterinary industry. Whether you are running a small veterinary clinic or a large lab, the Vetcyte platform gives you fast, accurate results and significantly lowers your costs!” said Ben Cahoon, COO of Techcyte.

The Vetcyte platform is a complete solution for sample preparation, scanning, analysis, and reporting. For the preparation of fecal samples, the system includes the Vetcyte ParaPro, a no-mess device that uses a non-toxic Apafix float solution. The ParaPro device can be used with either a passive or centrifugal float process.

Techcyte has collaborated closely with Motic Instruments to image the veterinary samples for AI analysis. With the click of a button, blood and fecal samples are automatically scanned, uploaded to Vetcyte, and analyzed using Vetcyte’s advanced deep-learning image analysis technologies.

Through its collaboration with ZN Labs, the Vetcyte digital pathology platform quickly connects veterinarians to experts for same-day FNA analysis. The system can also be used to connect to experts at ZN Labs for secondary opinions on parasites and blood results.

With Vetcyte, veterinarians:

  • Virtually eliminate the mess of fecal tests with a patented ParaPro prep system
  • Improve patient satisfaction by delivering accurate results within 10 minutes
  • Digitally connect veterinary technicians with lab experts at ZN Labs for consultations

The Motic scanner, ParaPro device, and Vetcyte tests can be purchased directly from Techcyte. The Vetcyte tests are priced per test and can be purchased in packs to receive volume discounts.