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Techcyte, a leading developer of AI-based image analysis solutions for the diagnostics industry, secured worldwide exclusive distribution rights for the Vetcyte ParaPro fecal preparation device from Apacor. Apacor is the world leader in human fecal ova and parasite preparation devices and has modified its patented human device and reagents for the veterinary market.

Robert Reardon, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Apacor, said, “The combination of Techcyte’s image analysis technology and our proven fecal collection and preparation device will revolutionize the way that clinics and labs prepare and look for parasites in fecal samples.” Continuing he said, “We’ve virtually eliminated the hassle and mess of sample preparation and deliver highly accurate results.”

The Vetcyte ParaPro is a clean, easy-to-use device which uses non-toxic Apafix float solution. The ParaPro is flexible and can be used with either a passive or centrifugal float process. The entire process from start to finish takes less than 10 minutes, allowing veterinarians to get results and medications to pet owners within an office visit.

Ralph Yarro, CEO of Techcyte, said, “We feel very fortunate to be working with Apacor. Customer feedback on ParaPro has been very clear and consistent – the device is simple, clean and easy-to-use!”

The Vetcyte solution consists of the Motic scanner, the ParaPro device and the Vetcyte automated analysis. All of the items can be purchased directly from Techcyte. The Vetcyte tests are priced per sample and can be bought in packs to receive volume discounts.