Veterinary Fecal Analysis

In production with Zoetis, our fecal analysis test helps vet clinics provide accurate and consistent reports and images in minutes. 

Fecal ova parasite detection cells Fecal ova parasite detection cells
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Vetscan Imagyst efficiently and accurately provides fecal reports and images in minutes with Techcyte’s artificial intelligence platform.

vet fecal sample cells


Vetscan Imagyst is the clean, efficient approach to fecal analysis.

Our AI-driven results evolve over time, with increased learning coming from millions of collected images to provide accurate detection. These results are delivered within minutes, reducing the time needed for fecal analysis. The automation of the classification and diagnosis of the most common parasites delivers consistent results unhindered by user variability.

Our fecal analysis test has been vigorously tested to deliver fast and reliable data, powered to detect parasitic ova, cysts and oocysts. With a small in-office footprint and a streamlined approach to fecal diagnostics, our fecal analysis technology has revolutionized in-clinic fecal diagnostics and provided clinicians with the ability to make important treatment decisions sooner. 



Decoration Icon check Faster turnaround times
Decoration Icon check Results in minutes
Decoration Icon check Automation results in consistency
Decoration Icon check AI evolves over time to ensure accurate detection
Decoration Icon check Vigorously tested algorithm and sample preparation techniques
Decoration Icon check Efficiently classify and diagnose the most common parasites