Blood Smear Analysis

veterinary blood smear cells veterinary blood smear cells
vet taking blood sample from dog


In production with Zoetis, our blood smear analysis test performs an accurate and consistent image analysis in minutes allowing vet clinics to provide AI results and treatment options in one visit. 

Vetscan Imagyst efficiently and accurately reads blood smears in minutes with Techcyte’s artificial intelligence platform.

two veterinarians discuss dog blood test results on tablet in clinic


Vetscan imagyst delivers AI-driven blood smear analysis, providing critical data to supplement complete blood count (CBC) results and help inform diagnosis and treatment.

The blood smear analysis test validates and supplements the results from a hematology analyzer creating a complete, in-clinic hematology solution.



Decoration Icon check Results in minutes
Decoration Icon check Simplified workflow
Decoration Icon check A more complete hematologic picture
Decoration Icon check May identify abnormalities
Decoration Icon check Faster turnaround times