Techcyte’s core passion is in improving the lives of those around us. Our work to improve cytological tests don’t just benefit laboratories. Quicker, more efficient diagnoses ultimately translate to better patient outcomes.

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Challenge & Solution
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Challenges & Solution

As the average lifespan increases, so do laboratory tests. This increase results in more and more tests needed, with existing resources.

At the same time, there is a worldwide shortage of lab technicians due to retirement, competing disciplines, and lower interest in the field.

So while the need for lab personnel increases, the supply is decreasing, creating greater load on existing personnel.

Aside from this reality, manual microscopy has several inherent disadvantages, including technician fatigue, difficult working conditions, and biases.

Our patented AI-based image analysis helps lab technicians read samples more quickly and accurately.

It enables cost and time savings, meaning better results in less time for less money, while keeping them competitive and able to better attract and retain personnel.



ARUP Laboratories 

ARUP and Techcyte are collaborating to produce the world’s first AI-augmented ova and parasite detection tool as well as an easy-to-administer SARS-CoV-2 antibody test.

Ketterthill Laboratoires d’Analyses Médicales 

The Luxembourg lab supported us in developing our bacteriology algorithm, which locates and classifies bacteriological morphotypes and is CE marked in the EU.


We partnered with ARUP Laboratories to develop Nanospot, an ultra-fast test that measures COVID-19 antibodies. NanoSpot is CE marked in the EU and is currently undergoing studies in the US. 

The test is significantly less expensive to manufacture than other SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests, performed on a spot of blood obtained through a finger prick. Our solution gives reference lab level quantified results in 30 seconds and the cost is less than the traditional lateral flow tests because the test takes place on a card made of cardstock paper.

Test results are received on mobile devices.

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