Automated Blood Differential

The Techcyte Complete Blood Count Digital Differential is software that confirms abnormal hematological cell counts and morphologies quickly to help determine whether further tests are needed. Our robust solution does not require proprietary hardware and can easily be implemented into existing workflows.

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Challenge & Solution
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Challenge & solution

As lab technicians battle eye strain, physical fatigue, distraction and piled-on workloads, their efforts are more prone to human error.

Techcyte saves laboratories time and money by assisting hematopathologists with AI-analyzed blood differentials. Unlike humans, AI doesn’t get overworked or tired and has consistent results.

The Blood Differential Algorithm is CE marked in the EU. It is for investigational use only and not for diagnostic use in the US. The performance has not been validated in the US.

How it Works

How it works

Our Blood Differential algorithm uses deep machine learning to automatically identify the monolayer on a normal blood smear and classify white blood cells and red blood cells along with platelets into the following classifications:
In the EU the software is validated to find these organisms. AI performs a pre-classification of WBCs and RBCs prior to the case being signed out by a technician, who reviews and corrects any cells.

  • Segmented neutrophils
  • Band neutrophils
  • Eosinophils
  • Basophils
  • Lymphocytes
  • Monocytes
  • Blast cells
  • Promyelocytes
  • Myelocytes
  • Metamyelocytes
  • Variant lymphocytes
  • Smudge cells
  • Artifacts
  • Unidentified cells

  • Polychromatic cell
  • Hypochromic cell
  • Anisocytosis
  • Microcyte
  • Macrocyte
  • Target cell
  • Schistocyte
  • Sickle cell
  • Spherocyte
  • Elliptocyte (Ovalocyte)
  • Teardrop cell
  • Stomatocyte
  • Acanthocyte
  • Echinocyte
  • Blister cells
  • nRBC

  • Large platelets
  • Giant platelets
  • Aggregated platelets
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The Techcyte Blood Differential analyzes any good-quality 40x image. Slides must be prepared using a May Grünwald Giemsa, Wright Giemsa, or Giemsa stain.

In the United States, Techcyte is for research use only. In Europe, Techcyte has earned the CE-IVD label.

The Blood Differential Algorithm is CE marked in the EU. It is for investigational use only in the US.



Decoration Icon check Faster turnaround times
Decoration Icon check Improved accuracy with side-by-side comparison of digitized cells
Decoration Icon check Increased consistency
Decoration Icon check Less eye strain and physical fatigue
Decoration Icon check Easier classification of abnormal cells
Decoration Icon check Simpler technician training
Decoration Icon check Capability for archiving rare disorders
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