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Accelerating diagnosis through digital microscopy and machine learning


Do more, faster, with digital microscopy and analysis solutions from Techcyte.

  • Scan

    Digitize a peripheral blood, urine, aspirate bone, or fecal slide using a microscope scanner.

  • Review

    The digitized slide is automatically uploaded to Techcyte and pre-classified using advanced machine learning.

  • Report

    Verify the classification, add notes, select images and generate beautiful reports in minutes.

  • Intelligent Software

    Techcyte: cloud-based digital microscopy software that uses machine learning to provide pre-analysis for final review by a Doctor, technician or other qualified individual.

    • Fast

      Scans, pre-classifies and generates a report in minutes

    • Comprehensive

      Identifies and classifies cell types and visible organisms in peripheral blood, aspirate bone, urine, fecal, and pap smears

    • Accurate

      Self-learning analyzer classifies the contents of the entire slide and gets smarter over time

    • Profitable

      Saves time and money by reducing slide prep, classifying, training, labor and slide storage costs

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