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vetscan blood smear review interface

As the technology engine behind the multi-use AI-driven platform, Vetscan Imagyst, Techcyte is proud to announce the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) blood smear diagnostics testing. Vetscan Imagyst is Zoetis’s deep learning SaaS platform that uses image analysis to assist veterinary clinics with an accurate and efficient blood differential. Techcyte has collaborated with Zoetis—the world’s leading animal health company—since 2019 to develop the core Vetscan Imagyst technology.

“Our AI-driven technology is continuing to change the landscape of diagnostic testing in animal health,” said Ben Cahoon, Chief Executive Officer at Techcyte. “The addition of blood smear analysis now gives clinics access to critical information regarding hematology abnormalities in minutes. Difficult cases can be optionally submitted digitally to Zoetis clinical pathologists for expert review. Clinics are now able to offer a new level of care not previously achievable.”

Vetscan Imagyst has been revolutionizing in-clinic veterinarian diagnostic testing since its launch in September of 2020. The deep machine learning AI used in Vetscan Imagyst can accurately and efficiently provide results within minutes. With this technology, clinics can scan in fecal or blood samples, run diagnostics, optionally submit for a remote pathologist’s review, and provide the correct treatment plan to clients, all in one visit. The platform also enables remote cytology analysis of FNAs within two hours, further leveraging the power of remote pathology on the same Grundium slide scanner that is used for fecals and blood smears.

Vetscan Imagyst is available in the US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, and New Zealand today, with more areas being added worldwide. More information about the Vetscan Imagyst is available at