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patented intellectual property

Techcyte, a leading developer of AI-based image analysis solutions, announced today that the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded patent number 10,255,693 to the company for its z-level deep learning technology.

Rick Smith, President of Techcyte, said, “We’re excited to see the first of many patents issue surrounding our deep learning image analysis platform. It is very difficult to get highly accurate algorithms, which has led to patentable innovations.”

Techcyte is using this technology to create algorithms for the human, veterinary and air-quality industries. Laboratories, clinics, hardware manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals will all benefit from Techcyte’s digital diagnostics solutions.

In 2019, Techcyte will deliver digital diagnostic solutions for blood, fecal ova and parasites, cervical cytology, and bacteriology. Additional tests will be announced when they are ready for use.