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As the technology partner behind Zoetis’ Vetscan Imagyst™, Techcyte is proud to announce the second generation of its Ova and Parasite test. Since 2019, Techcyte has partnered with Zoetis to develop the AI algorithms and workflows behind the all-in-one veterinary digital diagnostics platform, Vetscan Imagyst. As the first indication available on Vetscan Imagyst, the fecal test has seen incredible success.

The updated algorithm improves accuracy while maintaining high sensitivity rates. This new update enables Vetscan Imagyst to remain the leading digital diagnostics platform for veterinary clinics and hospitals. 

“Because Vetscan Imagyst is a SaaS platform, we can add new capabilities without causing interruptions for veterinary clinics,” said Dustin Bess, Product Manager at Techcyte. “This new fecal algorithm builds on the strong foundation of the original product and will continue to get even better with time.”

Since its deployment on Vetscan Imagyst, the Ova and Parasite test has successfully performed millions of tests in 29 countries. Demand for Vetscan Imagyst and its first-of-its-kind, multi-application, diagnostic platform has steadily increased since its launch. With new indications being added over time, it is simultaneously improving veterinary clinic profitability and pet health outcomes.

More information about Vetscan Imagyst is available at