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Techcyte, the world leader in AI-based cellular diagnostics, announced today the launch of the world’s first AI-based mold and particulate analysis solution. This software solution uses patented technology that allows environmental labs to increase their consistency, efficiency and accuracy of mold and particulate analyses. 

The Sporecyte AI mold analysis platform enables environmental labs to digitally read air and tape samples and provides visual results of the spores and particulates found. Sporecyte sets a new standard of quality and efficiency for the industry.

“Over the past 5 years, Air Allergen provided Sporecyte with thousands of digitized mold slides.” said Richard Johnson, CEO of Air Allergen and Mold Testing.  “We’re honored to work with Sporecyte. The Sporecyte system is so reliable that we’ve been able to include it in our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation, becoming the first lab in the world to provide digitally read spore traps and tape samples.”

Until now, results have often varied between labs and even analysts in the same lab because technicians read 20-30% of an air or tape sample and extrapolated the results to make an approximation of the mold and particulate count on the slide. 

The Sporecyte AI mold analysis platform digitally reads 100% of the mold trace, which improves accuracy, consistency, traceability, and efficiency while providing photographic evidence supporting the analysis.  Sporecyte’s goal is to eventually help the mold industry and healthcare professionals establish national mold guidelines.

John Haines, a former New York State mycologist, respected mold analyst and instructor with decades of experience, has been closely involved in developing the product.

“The Sporecyte artificial intelligence algorithm classifies and counts mold spores with impressive accuracy.” said John Haines. “Digital analysis is the future of mold testing because the knowledge from my expertise gained over a lifetime is now available to others in an AI-based algorithm.”

Sporecyte also enables labs to offer a digital same-day service to high volume customers with the purchase of a whole slide scanner. This allows customers to prepare and digitize mold traces, which are sent to the lab for immediate analysis.