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Techcyte recently expanded its board and advisory team through the addition of world-class medical, corporate strategy, and laboratory diagnostics experts. Techcyte is currently developing and selling its deep-learning image analysis platform to human, veterinary, and air quality laboratories throughout the world.

Ben Cahoon, the new CEO of Techcyte, said, “To pursue our go-to-market strategy, we can’t do it alone. Our advisers have been invaluable in focusing our efforts on the highest value markets and tests.”

Current Techcyte Board

  • Dr. Mohamed Salama, Hematopathologist & Chief Medical Officer, Mayo Clinic Laboratories
  • Kent Gordon, Chief Financial Officer, ARUP Reference Laboratories
  • Michael Aicher – President, Alveo Technologies
  • Kyle Wilson – Partner, BroadOak Capital Partners
  • Ralph Yarro – Founder, Chairman of the Board, Techcyte
  • Michael Wolfgramm – Partner, Atua Ventures
  • Rick Smith – President, Techcyte
  • Ben Cahoon – CEO, Techcyte

Current Advisors

  • Dr. David Gardiner – Veterinary Pathologist
  • Dr. John Haines – Retired Mycologist for New York State
  • Dr. Angelica Rodriguez Baca – Cytopathologist
  • Dr. Stéphane Gidenne – CEO, Ketterthill Laboratory, Luxembourg
  • Richard Johnson – CEO of Air Allergen and Mold Testing

As Techcyte expands its platform to provide additional solutions, we’ll continue to look for additional world-class experts to guide and direct our efforts. If you’re interested in using or integrating with the Techcyte deep learning image analysis platform to create new algorithms or markets, please contact Ben Cahoon.