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CompuMed to Integrate the Techcyte Digital Pathology Reviewing Platform to Help Increase Transplanted Organs

October 2023
CompuMed Techcyte collaboration

Techcyte, the world leader in AI-based cellular digital diagnostics, is pleased to announce a collaboration with CompuMed to enhance the digital manual review of available livers and kidneys for organ transplantation. As a leader in diagnostic telemedicine, CompuMed prides itself on providing remote pathology reads anywhere, at any time. To further its mission and better serve its partners in the donation and transplantation community, CompuMed has adopted the Techcyte digital reviewing platform, a feature of Techcyte’s clinical pathology AI platform.

Organ transplantation remains the gold standard for managing end-stage organ failure, but the demand for transplantable organs significantly outweighs the supply. According to OPTN/SRTR data, in 2021 nearly 25% of recovered organs were not utilized for transplantation, with this issue worsening over time

A leading cause of the nonuse of viable organs is inconsistent biopsy reports. Reading biopsies from deceased donors is complex, and many hospitals lack the staffing and donor volumes to provide consistent and accurate data for surgeons and transplant teams to make informed decisions. CompuMed board-certified liver and kidney pathologists will use the Techcyte digital reviewing platform to conduct improved specialized digital reviews of frozen biopsies remotely to provide more standardized information so that more organs are made available for transplant. 

In crucial time-sensitive settings like operating rooms where every second counts, organ procurement teams will digitize and upload organ tissue slides onto CompuMed’s secure cloud network. Available round-the-clock, CompuMed’s sub-specialist pathologists will review these slides on Techcyte’s platform, tagging key biopsy parameters, directly linking them to digital images, and sharing the documented images in their reports. This streamlined process will allow transplant surgeons to swiftly validate biopsy findings, bolstering their decision-making confidence and thereby enhancing the prospects of saving the life of waiting patients.

Ben Cahoon, CEO of Techcyte, remarks, “Our partnership with CompuMed showcases Techcyte’s commitment to leveraging technology to advance digital diagnostics, thereby contributing positively to the transplantation community’s lifesaving endeavors.”

“CompuMed’s collaboration with Techcyte signifies a pivotal moment in the field of transplantation, offering the promise of better organ graft evaluation and higher success rates,” said Lee Keddie, CEO of CompuMed. “By leveraging technology to enhance the assessment of transplant organs, this collaboration aims to reshape the landscape of organ transplantation, allowing quicker, more accurate decisions, increasing the organs transplanted, and ultimately, saving more lives.”