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computer on a desk with motic logo announcing easy scan computer on a desk with motic logo announcing easy scan

Motic has announced four new whole slide imaging scanners to their impressive line-up, including the MoticEasyScan Infinity ∞ and the MoticEasyScan One. The Infinity, a new whole slide imaging scanner, can continuously scan 60 or 100 slides, making mass slide scanning quicker and easier than ever. It’s predecessor, the six-slide EasyScan Pro, was known for outstanding optics and best-in-class focus algorithms, resulting in excellent image quality at a very affordable price. It seems that the new EasyScan Infinity ∞ scanners not only continue the tradition of outstanding image quality, but they also add increased capacity, the ability to switch between three objectives of different strengths, and improved mechanics for up to 50% faster scan-times. The announcement came at USCAP 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We had the opportunity to get a hands-on look at the various scanners at the Motic booth at USCAP 2018:

In addition to the new EasyScan Infinity 60 and 100, Motic also announced the new MoticEasyScan One. This is a single-slide whole slide imaging scanner that has all the bells and whistles of it’s multi-slide counterparts, but a price tag that will surprise you. We are confident that this shockingly affordable model will be very attractive to many Techcyte and Vetcyte customers because of its potential for remote digital pathology use at low daily volumes.

Clinical pathology laboratories, lab directors, pathologists, and lab technicians will be more likely to find a solution that meets their specific digital pathology and automated analysis needs, thanks to these new models offered by Motic. Techcyte and Vetcyte are platforms used to manage, annotate, classify, report, and view digital whole-slide images. We use deep learning and artificial intelligence to automate or augment the localization and classification of targets to accelerate diagnosis.

Pricing for the new line-up as of 3/20/2018 is as follows:

  • MoticEasyScan Infinity ∞ 100 slide scanner: $79,999 USD (offer expires 3/27/2018)
  • MoticEasyScan Infinity ∞ 60 slide scanner: $59,999 USD (offer expires 3/27/2018)
  • MoticEasyScan Infinity ∞ 6 slide scanner: $29,999 USD (offer expires 3/27/2018)
  • MoticEasyScan One – single slide scanner: Contact Us (offer expires 3/27/2018)
  • MoticEasyScan Pro – 6 slide scanner (2017 model): $19,999 USD  (offer expires 3/27/2018)

The first four scanners above each include the three software-controlled objectives and the improved mechanics for dramatically reduced scan-times.

To learn more about these scanners and/or their applications with the Techcyte or Vetcyte digital pathology platforms, please reach out to