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Techcyte, the leading provider of advanced AI, workflow and digital diagnostics solutions, is thrilled to announce the remarkable achievement of performing two million tests using Zoetis’ Vetscan Imagyst platform. This significant milestone underscores the immense success and widespread adoption of the Vetscan Imagyst platform. With the Vetscan Imagyst platform, Zoetis and Techcyte have revolutionized the veterinary diagnostics landscape, worldwide.

Vetscan Imagyst is an innovative platform that combines the power of AI, digital workflow and  advanced imaging technology to offer fast, automated results for fecal, dermatology, and blood analyses. Built on Techcyte’s industry-leading AI platform, the Vetscan Imagyst system has rapidly gained recognition for its accuracy, efficiency, and ability to provide timely diagnostic insights to veterinary clinics worldwide.

With Vetscan Imagyst, clinics can now obtain test results in the same visit, enabling veterinarians to make better informed decisions swiftly and deliver optimal care to their patients. This remarkable turnaround time empowers clinics to enhance the customer experience and improve patient outcomes.

The global reach of Vetscan Imagyst is a testament to its growing success. Available in over 30 countries, the platform is currently serving thousands of clinics worldwide.

Dan Tippetts, Director of Veterinary Product & Strategy at Techcyte, expressed his enthusiasm about reaching this significant milestone, stating, “We are extremely proud to celebrate the two millionth scan performed using the Vetscan Imagyst platform. This achievement highlights the incredible impact that AI-driven diagnostics is having on veterinary medicine. We are grateful to our valued partner, Zoetis, for their collaboration and unwavering commitment to advancing animal healthcare.”

Techcyte remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in veterinary digital diagnostics and continues to invest in research and development to further enhance the capabilities of the Vetscan Imagyst platform. By incorporating feedback from veterinary professionals, Techcyte aims to continually refine the system and introduce new features that address the evolving needs of the industry.