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In partnership with Zoetis, Techcyte has developed and launched AI-based dermatology algorithms and workflows for VETSCAN IMAGYST, the all-in-one deep learning SaaS platform. AI Dermatology joins AI-fecal analysis, AI-blood smear analysis, and remote cytology as the latest indication supported on the VETSCAN IMAGYST platform.

At least 30% of veterinarian visits for dogs and 11% of visits for cats are for dermatologic conditions. The most common dermatology conditions for cats and dogs include skin allergies, ear infections, and skin infections. Instead of spending time looking at dermatology cases manually, veterinarians can simply scan a slide and then continue seeing patients or performing other high-value activities while the software quickly analyzes the digitized slide.

“VETSCAN IMAGYST can maximize a veterinarian’s time in the clinic,” says Matt Yarro, Veterinary Product Manager for Techcyte. “VETSCAN IMAGYST can scan, analyze, and return results for the veterinarian in minutes. This empowers veterinarians to spend more time diagnosing, treating, and caring for their patients–often during the same visit.”

The Techcyte-developed AI algorithm behind the product examines the entire slide with high specificity and sensitivity. It locates and identifies the bacteria, yeast, inflammatory cell, and other high-value objects of interest relevant to dermatology and reports them to the veterinarian. The solution helps veterinarians and pathologists to arrive at a diagnosis more quickly and consistently than was previously possible. 

AI Dermatology is scanned using the same Grudium Ocus 40* scanner that is already used for the other VETSCAN IMAGYST indications. “VETSCAN IMAGYST is the first AI-based dermatology test in the veterinary market,” said Dan Tippetts, Techcyte’s Director of Veterinary Product and Strategy. “Together with Zoetis, we are changing how veterinarians worldwide provide diagnostic care to their patients.” 

VETSCAN IMAGYST is available in twenty-nine countries today, with more areas being added worldwide. More information about VETSCAN IMAGYST is available at

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