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Zoetis and Techcyte to Add Equine Fecal Analysis and Equine Digital Cytology to Vetscan Imagyst

April 2023

Zoetis recently added the AI Equine FEC (Fecal Egg Count) test to its Vetscan Imagyst™ platform, featuring AI algorithms and workflows developed by Techcyte. The addition of AI Equine FEC will provide equine clinics with fast, accurate results within minutes. 

The traditional manual method for equine fecal diagnostics is arduous, time-consuming, and requires specialized knowledge. The AI developed for Vetscan Imagyst automates this manual process by implementing algorithms and workflows that allow for automated rapid detection of the two most prevalent parasites: Parascaris and Strongyles. In a study conducted by Zoetis, the AI-powered platform demonstrated up to 99% agreement with a board-certified parasitologist. 

“The goal for veterinarians has always been to provide accurate results to their clients as quickly as possible,” said Dan Tippetts, Techcyte’s Director of Veterinary Product and Strategy. “Vetscan Imagyst makes that goal a reality for all clinics and large animal hospitals.”

In addition to Equine Fecal Diagnostics, Zoetis is also introducing Equine Digital Cytology Image Transfer developed by Techcyte. Equine Digital Cytology Image Transfer includes a digital review conducted by board-certified pathologists within the Zoetis network. This feature gives clinics access to fast and accurate results when the analysis cannot be done on-site. Results are returned within two hours and samples can be sent in by clinics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

These two new tests will be added to the companion fecal, blood, and cytology tests already available on the Vetscan Imagyst platform. Vetscan Imagyst is available in twenty-nine countries today, with more areas being added worldwide. More information about Vetscan Imagyst is available at