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Techcyte, the Clinical Pathology AI Platform, is delighted to celebrate a decade of innovative strides in digital diagnostics in the human, veterinary, and environmental verticals. Since its inception in 2013, Techcyte has evolved from a nascent startup to a global leader in AI-powered digital diagnostics.

Over the past decade, Techcyte has broadened its scope while building an impressive team of over 120 professionals, spanning 23 U.S. states and territories, and establishing a global presence in five countries including their European office in Luxembourg. Embracing the evolution of contemporary work culture, Techcyte adeptly transitioned to a remote-first approach in 2020 which significantly accelerated their growth trajectory.

Since its inception, the company’s ascent in human health has been characterized by key collaborations with market leaders like ARUP, Ketterthill, Mayo Clinic, CorePlus, Zoetis, and other esteemed laboratories worldwide. These collaborations have enabled the release of several new RUO indications including fecal ova & parasite detection, cervical cancer screening, bacteriology gram analysis, automated blood differential, non-invasive bladder cancer detection, with more under development.

In 2019, Techcyte forged strategic partnerships with Zoetis, Apacor, and Grundium, heralding a new era in veterinary diagnostics. This collaborative endeavor culminated in the launch of Vetscan Imagyst, which now boasts thousands of customers and has conducted millions of diagnostic evaluations, improving animal health.

Techcyte’s environmental arm, Sporecyte, has meticulously analyzed tens of thousands of mold and air quality samples, providing invaluable service to mold testing labs and home inspectors. The Sporecyte air quality report has set a new benchmark in mold reporting, delivering more consistently accurate counts and visual depictions of spores, particulates, and pollen, improving environmental health.

Techcyte currently has its platform and four of its algorithms CE-IVDD marked. In 2023, Techcyte has continued its growth with an expanded distribution network. Techcyte is also pursuing clinical studies with a goal of future FDA submissions. Techcyte’s ongoing innovation has solidified its position at the pinnacle of AI-driven diagnostic solutions, substantiating a bright future for digital healthcare.

“Techcyte’s 10-year journey is a testament to our dedication to improving the lives of our customers and their patients,” said Ben Cahoon, CEO of Techcyte. “Our ongoing commitment drives us forward, enabling us to create groundbreaking technology that is transforming digital diagnostics.”

As Techcyte embarks on its next decade of growth, the firm remains steadfast in its commitment to becoming the leading AI-powered digital diagnostics platform serving the human, veterinary, and environmental markets.