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Techcyte Awarded Patents in 8 Countries for a Technique to Digitally Scan Sparse Sample Types

June 2024

Techcyte, a leader in digital pathology, is pleased to announce the issuance of US Patent 11,988,823 for “Printed Coverslip For Identifying Reference Focal Plane For Light Microscopy” and US Patent 11,946,662 for a similar technique applied to printed slides. These patents were awarded in the United States and seven other global markets, including India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Chile, and are pending in several additional markets.

These new patents directly address challenges encountered with whole slide scanners when scanning and focusing on sparse sample types such as mold, fecal, urine, and gram stains. Most scanners have been developed to focus on tissue, making sparse or deep sample types often result in blurry scans. With this patented technology, Techcyte configures the whole slide scanner to focus on printed fiducial marks, scan the correct sample layers at the proper depth, and produce a clear image that can be used in an AI-based workflow.

“This technique highlights our role as a comprehensive and innovative solution provider in the field of digital pathology,” said Shane Swenson, Chief Technology Officer at Techcyte.

Printed coverslips and slides utilizing these patents are actively used in Techcyte’s AI-based solutions in human, veterinary, and environmental markets. These cutting-edge technologies, AI, and workflows are enhancing the quality and efficiency of clinic and laboratory operations worldwide.