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Shield Labs is a veterinary lab focused on bringing ova and parasite testing direct to consumers.

Techcyte, Inc. and Animal Reference Pathology launched a new joint venture named Shield Labs. Shield Labs will be using Techcyte’s revolutionary artificial intelligence platform to test pets for parasite ova.

David Gardiner, founder of ARP said, “Traditionally pet owners only test for ova and parasites when their pet shows symptoms. However, because pets can have parasites and not show symptoms it is recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association that pets are tested twice a year.”

The Shield Parasite and Ova Test will use samples collected by pet owners and mailed to Shield Labs. Shield Labs will digitize the sample using the Motic Easy Scan Pro and analyze it using the Techcyte platform which automatically identifies and classifies parasite ova. A lab technician will review the results and send the pet owner a report including pictures of actual parasites if present. The report will also recommend the appropriate actions that the pet owner can take, including possible medicine and visiting a licensed veterinarian for follow up.

“Now that pet owners have an easier and less expensive way to test their pets for parasites, we can significantly reduce the number of parasitic infections that are passed from pets to their owners.” said Ben Cahoon COO of Techcyte.

The Shield Ova and Parasite test will be launched on Kickerstarter in February with an expected availability in May of 2018. Pricing is still being finalized, but is expected to retail for $29.99. A subscription plan that allows pet owners to automatically test their pets twice a year will also be available.