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Techcyte adopts a “Remote First” working paradigm inspired by Gitlab and the founder’s past experience.  In episode 269 of the “AI In Action” podcast by Alldus, Techcyte’s CEO Ben Cahoon shared insight into the company, its successes, its challenges and its future. 

Since 2013, Techcyte has been developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for its clinical pathology AI platform from their office in Orem, Utah. At the beginning of COVID, however, they were forced to impose travel and social distancing restrictions by allowing their team members to work remotely. Company CEO Ben Cahoon had previously built an educational software company remotely using Skype, and used this experience and the Gitlab “Remote First” vision in setting up this new mode of operation at Techcyte.

Since adopting the Remote First philosophy, Techcyte has seen an increase in productivity and performance along with a better work/life balance. Hiring has also been impacted, as we are able to hire the best talent not just from around the offices, but anywhere. In one case a Techcyte team member was able to eliminate a daily 3 hour commute.

Mr. Cahoon states: “It’s making a positive impact on our ability to scale and the quality of people we can hire. We have people in Luxembourg, Mexico and the US. Remote First provides a method for all of us to work productively together and allows us to get the best people and work in a super high growth environment.”

While the benefits of remote work are inspiring, it doesn’t come without challenges. Team members learn how to communicate differently, maintain good connectivity and work environment at their homes. One of the biggest challenges faced is the difficulty in creating ways for team members to connect with each other on a personal level, interact spontaneously and have a sense of belonging.

One of the foundations of Techcyte’s success is their communication, inspired by software company Gitlab, whose online handbook, manifesto on remote business and transparency served as inspiration and model in establishing asynchronous communication, virtual bonding and support, and inclusivity, autonomy and trust.

With the successful completion of Techcyte’s recent funding round of $21 million, they enter into another high-growth phase where ingenuity and dedication to the values that they embrace will be put to the test. And as recruitment and team member satisfaction become key success criteria, Techcyte is up to the challenge of being amongst the pioneers of true remote-first working.