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Sporecyte, the first AI-powered mold reporting service, added support for the Grundium Ocus 40* scanner enabling a new onsite and near real-time mold analysis service. 

This new service was designed for industrial hygienists that need to provide rapid results for their clients. The process is simple and quick: Air and surface samples are prepared and scanned with a Grundium scanner and uploaded to the Sporecyte service. Next, Sporecyte’s AI-driven software counts and classifies the samples and the results are then verified by a certified mold technician. Within 15 minutes of this process, a clear, concise, image-based report is generated and sent to the industrial hygienist.

“We are excited to be the first to offer this revolutionary service. Providing industrial hygienists with accurate and consistent results in near real-time can save thousands of dollars on large projects” said Dylan McIntosh, Sporecyte Product Group Manager at Techcyte. 

The Grundium Ocus 40 scanner produces better quality images than previously supported scanners.  Grundium scanners are already scanning samples at Sporecyte’s laboratory, which has improved the accuracy of the mold reports.

We are also pleased to announce that Sporecyte was recently granted a Texas Mold Analysis Laboratory license. This license allows inspectors in the State of Texas to submit samples to Sporecyte for analysis.

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About Sporecyte

Sporecyte has developed the world’s first AI-powered mold and air particulate report. We focus on providing home inspectors and industry professionals access to fast, accurate, and affordable mold and air quality testing. Our mission is to provide world-leading service to our customers.

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