Certifying today’s lab techs and pathologists, and training tomorrow’s.

From new technicians and medical students, to experienced pathologists that need ongoing training, Techcyte provides a simple web-based platform to learn, review and get tested on blood, fecal, papanicolaou, O&P and any other custom-defined samples.

Developed in Luxembourg, Techcyte’s Education & Certification software draws on a diverse set of images for each atlas.

Schools, labs and hospitals can select a pre-existing set of images, or create their own atlas for learning, reviewing and testing purposes. Once the images are selected and classifications are confirmed, students are presented with training images. When they are ready to test their skills, they are presented with random images to be classified. Immediate feedback is provided on the classification. At the appropriate time, students can be tested on a different set of images to test their knowledge that particular sample type.

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