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Artificial Intelligence Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Is a Promising Solution to Reduce Cost of Digital Pathology Image Storage

Techcyte has developed AI super-resolution image reconstruction that provides a solution to reduce digital pathology image storage cost. Techcyte presented a poster on the subject at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) conference this week in New Orleans. 

Techcyte’s Clinical Pathology AI Platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make predictions for various diagnostic tests. This process includes digitizing slides with a whole-slide scanner and uploading the images to the Techcyte platform. However, the cost associated with storing large numbers of full-resolution whole-slide images can be significant. 

“We’re proposing the use of super-resolution technology to reconstruct high resolution views of images that are downsized to reduce storage costs for laboratories and hospitals,” says Rick Smith, Techcyte President. “These preliminary results show promise that downsized images can provide significant cost savings without compromising clinical results.”

In the poster, Techcyte performed a comparative analysis between super-resolution images and 4X up-scaled images using traditional methods to demonstrate the improved appearance of super-resolution images. The study showed that super-resolution images maintained a high degree of similarity with the original high-resolution reference images. 

For additional information, you can view the poster here