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Zoetis and Techcyte Introduce a New AI Urine Sediment Analysis to the Vetscan Imagyst® Platform

February 2024

Zoetis, in collaboration with Techcyte, is transforming veterinary diagnostics with the introduction of the Vetscan Imagyst® AI Urine Sediment Analysis. This innovative product, powered by Techcyte’s cutting-edge AI technology, brings in-house diagnostics to veterinary practices, significantly enhancing animal care.

The AI Urine Sediment Analysis identifies red blood cells, white blood cells, squamous and other epithelial cells, struvite, and calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals, hyaline and non-hyaline casts, and cocci and rod bacteria. Almost 1,000 fields of view are analyzed to provide quick, reliable, and accurate results within minutes. In a few simple steps, semi-quantitative results are available to users to aid in making diagnoses and efficiently selecting the appropriate treatment.  

The addition of Vetscan Imagyst® AI Urine Sediment Analysis to the platform allows veterinarians to perform a variety of critical tests in a single visit. Other tests available include AI Fecal, AI Blood Smear, AI Dermatology and Digital Cytology. Vetscan Imagyst® offers consistent, accurate results that enable prompt diagnosis and treatment directly on-site. 

Techcyte’s technology is a cornerstone of this development. By providing the AI expertise behind Vetscan Imagyst, Techcyte has joined forces with Zoetis to propel veterinary diagnostics into a new era. The efficiency and accuracy of this technology is evidenced by its impressive track record, with veterinarians worldwide having processed more than 3 million scans using the Vetscan Imagyst platform.

This collaboration between Techcyte and Zoetis not only streamlines veterinary diagnostics but also showcases the practical application and impact of AI technology in improving animal healthcare. The introduction of the Vetscan Imagyst AI Urine Sediment Analysis marks another important milestone in veterinary medicine, offering a more efficient, accurate, and convenient diagnostic process.

For further details about this groundbreaking product and Techcyte’s pivotal role in its development, visit Zoetis Diagnostics.