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AI Powered Mold and Air Quality Testing Now Available to Home Inspectors and Laboratories

July 2022
persons hands using tablet to see sporecyte results

Techcyte, the leader in AI-powered clinical pathology diagnostics, is proud to announce Sporecyte, the first AI-powered mold and air quality reporting service, with next-day and same-day turnaround, available to home inspectors and Indoor Air Quality laboratories (IAQ).

The World Health Organization reports that over 50% of homes have mold problems, while the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that only 5% of homes get tested for mold. Affordable and fast, Sporecyte’s service means that more homes can be tested for mold, significantly increasing the average profit per home inspection. 

Home inspectors simply collect air samples using an air sample collection pump during their normal home inspection and send the samples to Sporecyte’s lab. At the lab, the samples are prepared, scanned, and analyzed with Sporecyte’s specialized AI. The AI scan is then verified by a mold technician and visual reports are then made available to the home inspector to share with the home buyer.

Through Sporecyte, laboratories can now also process mold samples more quickly, consistently, and accurately, enabling them to provide a better service to their clients. Sporecyte’s algorithm can correctly identify over 165 classes of mold spores and air particulates, enabling an accurate and thorough report. 

Techcyte helps mold technicians perform more accurate reads by reviewing 100% of the mold trace from the comfort of a computer monitor, saving hundreds of dollars of manual microscopy labor. John Haines, industry expert and mycologist, commented that “Sporecyte’s AI-based analysis is the future of mold testing.”

Sporecyte’s visual reporting includes images of the actual mold spores and air particulates found on the sample. For the first time, every homeowner can directly see what’s in the air they’re breathing. “For home inspectors, our reporting has been a game-changer,” says Jim Bates, Sporecyte’s Director of Sales. “They appreciate that they can present home buyers with an easy-to-read report to influence and negotiate the purchase of the home.”