Digital Cytology Image Transfer

In production with Zoetis, our digital cytology image transfer provides vet clinics with digital access to remote clinical pathologists within hours.

fine needle aspirate cells fine needle aspirate cells
two scientists review data on tablet


Vetscan Imagyst provides convenient and timely expert clinical pathology results and images within hours from remote clinical pathologists within the Zoetis network.

student and professor looking at data on tablet


Vetscan Imagyst accelerates the process for expert cytology review to allow for reliable results within hours. Simply prepare the sample and slide in the clinic, scan the slide, submit digitally for expert results and get the results back within a few hours.

Vetscan Imagyst has revolutionized the cytology testing process by removing the inefficient and time-consuming process of sending slides to an external lab for review. 

By delivering digital access to remote clinical pathologists, vet clinics are provided with an expert clinical pathology review faster than ever before.




Decoration Icon check Expedited workflow
Decoration Icon check Results in hours
Decoration Icon check Eliminated the need to ship and transport slides
Decoration Icon check Allows veterinarians to view, analyze, and diagnose a digital cytology sample remotely
Decoration Icon check Faster turnaround times