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The central location and business-friendly environment were key reasons to choose Luxembourg

Techcyte, Inc. recently created Techcyte Europe SARL and opened the European headquarters in the Esch Technoport. Troy Bankhead was hired as the new European director and will be responsible for growing the Techcyte business across veterinary, human and air-quality segments.

“Luxembourg’s desire to expand into the biotech sector makes it a perfect fit for Techcyte’s European headquarters.”, said Troy Bankhead, Director of European Operations. “We’re excited because Europe is further ahead in its adoption and acceptance of digital pathology than the United States.”

In addition to sales and marketing, Techcyte intends to hire a development team in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg National University is right next to the Techcyte offices and will create opportunities for students interested in solving hard problems and using the latest web and machine learning technologies.

“Having started another business in Luxembourg a few years ago, I knew Luxembourg was the obvious choice for Techcyte.”, said Ben Cahoon COO of Techcyte.

Techcyte is currently working with many of the labs in Luxembourg to determine the best way to collaborate. In some instances, labs will become R&D partners, and in other cases, they will start to use the Techcyte deep-learning image analysis platform to lower their costs and increase their lab efficiencies.