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Deep machine learning platform and world-class scanning hardware combine for a
complete digital pathology solution for veterinary, human and air quality labs

Techcyte Inc., a provider of deep learning image analysis solutions, and Motic, a leading provider of whole slide scanners, today announced the two companies will be cooperating to provide advanced solutions for scanning, image analysis, workflow, and reporting.

“Techcyte’s AI platform is a perfect complement to our innovative scanners. By integrating our low cost hardware with Techcyte’s advanced platform, we have a compelling and complete digital pathology solution for diagnostic labs.”, said Stephen Chan, CEO of Motic.

As part of the cooperation, Techcyte will sell the MoticEasyScan Pro whole slide scanner and Panthera L smart microscope, bundled with the Techcyte software; and Motic will become the exclusive provider for the Techcyte digital blood differential in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Ralph Yarro, the CEO of Techcyte, said, “Over the past couple of years, we have worked with Motic to create unique solutions for real-world digital pathology challenges. This relationship is exciting because we are now aligned to bring those solutions to markets around the world.”

The combined digital pathology solution will enable the labs to provide same day turnaround service, and eliminate expensive shipping costs. The first customers to take advantage of the Panthera smart microscope solution will be veterinary clinics that supply FNA samples to veterinary labs.

MoticEasyScan Pro
At $24,999, the MoticEasyScan Pro is a Whole Slide Scanner designed for small to medium diagnostic labs. Combined with Techcyte’s software solutions, the scanner system will enable labs with deep learning analysis to process blood, pap smear, ova and parasite samples with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before. Use of the Techcyte platform is priced per image/analysis and includes storage, workflow and reporting.

Motic Panthera L
At $2,999, the Motic Panthera L is a compound upright microscope that is part of Motic’s new intelligent microscope series, designed for smaller, remote and distributed labs and clinics. The Techcyte integration with the Panthera is easy and takes just a few clicks to capture and upload images to the Techcyte platform, where they can be analyzed and shared.