Panthera L with Techcyte Integration

An affordable solution digital pathology solution.

Through our partnership with Motic, we can offer a streamlined integration with the Panthera L scanner, allowing technicians and pathologist to easily capture and upload fields of view into the Techcyte platform.

Decentralized Resources
The combination of the Panthera L and Techcyte allows for a decentralization of patients, clinics and pathologists. Allowing you to share resources over a broad geographic area.

Efficiencies of Time and Effort
With the Panthera L and Techcyte, you can scan, review, share, collaborate, and diagnose quickly from your current location. No shipping and handling and no traveling. Results can be reviewed and returned on the same day.

Affordable Solution
The cost of a Pathera L is low compared to other digital microscopy/scanning solutions. Combined with Techcyte, the increases in efficiencies of time and effort make this solution very affordable.